Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Response to Lovely Warren and City Council

"We haven't taken an official vote. ... We announced what our intention would be, but nothing is final," City Council President Lovely Warren said. In caucus, she told her colleagues she wanted to "see where everyone is at and announce to the public tonight what our intentions are. That is as far as it went, as far as any debate."

This is from the recent Democrat & Chronicle article Rochester City Council Defends Closed-Door Tactic.

You can't have it both ways, Ms. Warren. You can't take your vote in private, announce that everyone agreed to stick with it when you can legally vote then say it isn't a final decision. You were discussing City Council business as the City Charter specifically says the Council has to make the decision concerning mayoral succession, not the majority party. You violated the Open Meetings Law to keep your constituency from expressing an opinion that you don't agree with. Well, Ms. Warren, it's too bad if democracy is inconvenient for you, but it comes with the position you were elected to. Fortunately, the Green Party is here to provide electoral consequences for your behavior. We will see you at the Special Election.

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