Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Party Announces Procedure to Choose Mayoral Candidate

For Immediate Release
December 21, 2010

Local Green Party Announces Procedure to Choose Mayoral Candidate
Rochester, NY -- On Monday, the Steering Committee of the Green Party of Monroe County developed its procedure to choose a candidate in the event of a special election for Mayor of Rochester in 2011.  The party has decided to interview any city residents who are willing to run and serve and who adhere to the Green Party’s 10 Key Values.

Party Co-Chair, Vinessa Buckland said, “In an effort to grow the Green Party in Rochester and embrace the Green value of grassroots democracy, we encourage those in the city who are willing to join us.   Therefore, we are opening our process to choose a candidate for Mayor to those who are willing to commit to Green Party principals.”

The timeline for this procedure will be as follows:
Dec 31st - a candidate questionnaire will be posted online at http://www.gpomc.org.  Prospective candidates can also call (585)  205-8683 for a copy.
Jan 1st – 16th -   questionnaires will be accepted by prospective candidates.
Jan 17th – 23rd – party committee will conduct interviews of prospective candidates.
Jan 24th – 30th -  party committee will meet to make its decision.
Jan 31st – the committee’s decision will be sent to the Executive Committee of the State Party per state law.

The County Committee will announce its candidate when the Executive Committee files the appropriate paperwork with State Board of Elections.

Last week, the Green Party of Monroe County announced that it would run a candidate for Mayor of Rochester after City Council met in private illegally and voted to approve a special election.  “Voters will now have a voice, because the Green Party will give them a choice,” claimed party Co-Chair Scott Brant.

The Green Party governs on the concepts of Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Environmental Wisdom and Non-Violence.

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