Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's Time to Vote for What You Believe In

It's full-steam ahead in our quest to get 50,000 votes for Governor. For those who are not familiar with why that is so important here is a brief explanation:

In New York State, 50,000 votes for Governor gives your party "ballot status". Why is that so important? It makes life much easier for your party to run candidates - fewer petition signatures are required and the signatures are only of party members. People can register for that party based directly from Voter Registration cards (that whole writing green under "other" nonsense will be over).

Both of these factors make running candidates for local office immensely easier, which means more greens in office.

So, our goal for this election is 50,000 votes for Malachy McCourt. How can you help?

*First of all, vote for Malachy on Election Day!

*Talk to friends, family and collegues about the Green Party's candidate. To read up on Malachy, the Green Party's Peace Slate and more, visit the Malachy McCourt campaign website at

*Get a lawn sign. (details below)

*Make a financial contribution. Visit for details.

*Help other local Greens campaign for Malachy and the rest of the Peace Slate. (details below)

In the next few weeks, we should be receieving lawn signs. If you're interested, contact local campaign coordinator - Dave Atias at or call (585) 234-6470. You should also contact Dave if you're interested in helping in other ways with the campaign. We will be going door-to-door, making phone calls, and getting ready for a spectacular visit from Malachy & Lt. Gov candidate, Allison Duncan in late October. More details on the visit will be coming.

It's time to vote for what you believe in.

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