Sunday, September 24, 2006

Take Action! Green Candidate Not Allowed to Debate!

Fellow Greens,

It's time to take action. Time Warner is sponsoring a debate between
US Senatorial candidates in Rochester on October 28th and the Green
Party candidate, Howie Hawkins is not being allowed to participate.

Read the D&C article.

Contact Time Warner and DEMAND that all candidates on the ballot be
allowed to debate. Here are the ways you can contact Terence
Rafferty, President of Time Warner Rochester:

These are the customer service lines. You'll have to weave through
the automated system, but just keep pressing for a customer service rep.
585-756-1685 (tty)

You can send them a message online. Go to

We gathered over 30,000 signatures to put our candidates on the ballot
and they need to be heard! Contact Time Warner's Terence Rafferty today!

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