Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sequoia AVC Advantage

Sequoia AVC Advantage
Full Faced DRE

This is an upright machine with a ballot that lies over illuminated buttons. Inside the booth the machine looks very similar to the traditional NYS voting machines, with lighted buttons instead of metal levers. Voting is done by touching the ballot where the buttons are and when you have made your selection the light will change from red to green (so everyone will be voting green even if there not voting Green).

• Full face ballot
• Audio voting
• Can do multiple election districts from one machine
• Touch screen keyboard for write-ins
• Double disk drives (provides back up and two vote counts)
• Looks the most like a traditional voting machine
• Adjustable height
• Being supported by local union print shop Phoenix Graphics (presumably they have a contract with Sequoia to print the ballot face for the machines)
• Built in battery back up

• Can not zoom
• Does not yet have a receipt
• Must deselect choice if you whish to can vote
• Many practice voters missed the cast vote button and left the machine without there votes being counted
• Keyboard is in alphabetical order not in keyboard layout
• Lights behind the ballot are very dim
• Vendor stated Sequoia "would not make updates to the machine to meet NYS regulations because they felt the machine was not broken and thus not in need of changes"

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