Sunday, January 08, 2006

Danaher ELECTronic 1242

Danaher ELECTronic 1242
Full Face DRE

This is an upright machine with a ballot that lies over buttons. The full fall ballot will we in front of you with little square buttons for the voter to select there choice in the corner of the box for each candidate. Above each race, a little red light will be blinking until you have completed voting in that particular race. Voting is done by touching the ballot where these squares are and when you have made your selection a light will illuminate next to the candidates name.

• Full face ballot
• Audio voting
• Adjustable height
• Built in receipt behind clear cover

• Can not zoom
• Must deselect choice if you whish to can vote
• Vendor was extremely rude and unhelpful
• Vendor did not know how to write in candidates for more than one race
• Write in box hard to reach and very small
• Companies main business enterprise is gas pump receipts
• Heat sensitive receipts, smudge, fade, and are unreliable
• Ballot face difficult to change in the event of an error or change
• Entire vote count must be reset for hearing impaired voter
• Vote count for voters that used the audio vote options tallied separately (vote secrecy not upheld)
• Must deselect a choice before changing your vote
• Machine appeared to be unbalanced when set at a lower height (vendor unwilling to let go of the machine to allow it to stand alone at lower heights)
• No sip in puff technology for people with low dexterity
• Receipt does not show candidates party
• Receipt location difficult to see for wheelchair users
• Sample ballot included errors
• Vendor told me "I wouldn't know who the Green Party's candidate for President was in 2004" (sample ballot had Libertarian on the Green Party Line"

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