Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Brief Summarized History of 4 Voting Machine Company's


Accounts for 1/3 of voting machine market.

Up until 10 months ago was owned by Great Britain’s De La Rue printing company whose parent group “Madison Dearborn” is a partner of the Carlyle Group that employs George Bush Jr’s father, as well as members of the Bin Laden family.

Ten months ago Sequoia was purchased by Venezuelan business man Antonio Mujica who was recently refused entry into the US and whose visa was revoked by the US Embassy in Venezuela.

In 1999 the Justice Department filed federal charges against employees of Sequoia alleging that during a 10-year period, $8 million in bribes were paid out. Louisiana's Commissioner of Elections, Jerry Fowler was involved in the scheme. In all, 22 people were indicted, 9 plead guilty.

These machines were also used in past Palm Beach, Florida elections where serious errors occurred as well as in a county in New Mexico where there was an undervote error of approx 5,988 votes made by Sequoia machines . These errors in New Mexico along with Ohio & Florida, may possibly have cost John Kerry the presidency .

ES&S and Diebold Voting Machines

Is owned by Todd Urosevich, brother of Bob Urosevich, the owner of Diebold Voting Machines (who was just slapped with a class action lawsuit that alleges fraud, insider trading, manipulation of stock prices, concealment of known flaws in voting machines and company structural problems. The suit was filed Dec. 13, 2005 in US Federal District Court in Ohio.) Together, one family controls the counting of 80% of America’s votes.

ES&S is also a subsidiary of the McCarthy Group Inc, which is jointly held by the Omaha World-Herald Company, Nebraska’s largest and most ultra conservative newspaper & investor in ES&S.

Michael McCarthy, CEO of McCarthy Group was campaign treasurer for Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel’s campaign in Nebraska. 85% of Sen. Hagel’s election ballots were counted on ES&S machines.

ES&S has been the target of election reform advocates for their strong partisan support of Republican causes & candidates,


An independent commission on electronic voting in Ireland has refused to use Liberty machines because of security and accuracy concerns.

They are now in storage at a cost of $800,000/yr.

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