Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sequoia Touch Screen Voting

Sequoia Touch Screen Voting

This machine uses digital touch screen voting, the technology allows the voter to make selections by touching the screen in the location of a digitized image of a button or in this case and image of the ballot. The machine stands up like a tradition voting machine and will have a curtain attach to it. The screen is actually four screens a 3/4 inch boarder between the screens. Voting is done by touching the candidates name on one of the screens.

• Full face ballot
• Zoom capability
• White on black or black on white coloring
• Audio voting options, although Sequoia claims to have forgot to bring this option to the demonstration
• Can have ballots in up to 8 languages
• Can do multiple election districts from one machine
• Touch screen keyboard for write-ins
• Double disk drives (provides back up and two vote counts)
• Confirmation screen of who you voted for
• Adjustable for height

• Vendor said "machine changes daily and will not look the same when submitted for certification"
• Zoom in geographically, removes some candidates and races from the screen
• Very difficult (time consuming) to scroll
• Scrolling arrows are very small, hard to see
• Failed to scroll to the last two offices on the ballot
• Write-ins consistently froze the screen (vendor said you have to hit except about 12 times)
• Office heading did not stay on screen when scrolling down
• You must select which of the four screens you want the curser in prior to making any selection, this caused voter confusion and frustration
• I found it frustrating and difficult to change my vote (could touch the screens up to 4 times each)
• Slow responding to touch
• Curser did not enlarge when zooming in, if individual needed the screen zoomed in then they would also have trouble see the curser
• 4 screens segregate the ballot and the races
• Confirmation screen does not state party
• Does not yet have a receipt
• A lot of buttons on screen
• Can be more intimidating
• More technical screens for voter and polling volunteers to understand

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