Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mayoral Campaign Update

Hello Everyone,

This update is going to feature the Rochester Mayoral Election.  There’s about 4 weeks until election day.  Green Party candidate, Alex White is running a fantastic campaign, but there’s a lot to do.  Alex is out at numerous community events and candidate forums every day talking about his concrete ideas on how make Rochester a city for ALL of us.  The response he’s receiving from the public in every part of the city has been overwhelming.  We continue to point out Alex’s platform as opposed to his opponents’.  Check them out for yourself.

There IS no comparison!

Now that we have the overwhelming edge in ideas, we have to continue to spread the word about them.  Here are ways YOU can help:

*Facebook – Alex has a Facebook page that posts a plank of his platform every day.  Liking these posts is fine, but it is more important that you share them on your profile.  Better yet, share Alex’s page with your friends.

*Letters to the Editor – We need city voters to write letters to the editor to both the Democrat and Chronicle AND City Newspaper.  You can choose a topic in Alex’s platform that interests you or just an overall comment on how Alex will bring real change to Rochester.  Most of all, specifically say that you will be voting for Alex White.  The e-mails to send your LTE are:


*Donate – Alex’s website now accepts donations online.  Go to to donate.  Your money will help us pay for lawn signs, strategic print ads, t-shirts and to fund a special strategic initiative that we’re not at liberty to divulge right now (but it’s going to be awesome!).

*March – Not March as in the month, but march as in a Parade!  Saturday, March 12th is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and we need supporters to march along with Alex.  T-shirts, signs and more are scheduled.  Contact details are at the bottom.

*Voter Contact – We have been phone banking for 3 weeks and will continue through out the campaign.  And March 5th starts our weekend door-to-door actions.  Our current volunteers have been having a blast helping out, but we need more people.

Contact Alex’s Volunteer Coordinator, Drew Langdon to sign up for the parade, phone banking and door-to-door actions.  He can be reached at or (585) 297-7359.  Or you can contact the campaign at our Facebook page or at the website.

Alex cannot transform Rochester without YOU.  Join us today!

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