Sunday, December 05, 2010

Green Party Co-Sponsors Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day December 10, 2010

“Community in Conversation – Are Immigrant Rights Human Rights?”

This program is open to the community free of charge.

This annual community gathering celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The articles within the declaration describe the hopes of the people of the world for freedom, justice and peace for everyone.

5:30pm – Potluck Supper at Downtown Presbyterian Church (please bring a dish to pass)

6:45pm – Community Reading of the Articles of the UDHR

7:00pm – Program: Community in Conversation: Are Immigrant Rights Human Rights? Loret Steinberg, Moderator
The Economics of Immigration: Who Benefits Under the Current System? Aly Wane (Syracuse Peace Council)
A Migrant Perspective: Transitional Housing for Migrant Farmworkers, Their Families, and Former Farmworkers. Peter Mares (Director of LA CASA)
The Legal Perspective. Wally Ruehle (Immigration Law Specialist, Legal Aid Society of Rochester)
The Moral Perspective and Wrap-up. Bishop Prince Singh, (Episcopal Diocese of Rochester)
Written Questions from the Audience

8:45pm – Conclusion

The Faces of the Conversation
Visual images convey what words cannot. Photographs will be an integral part of the program.
Joseph Sorrentino, photographer and writer, will fill one wall with photos of women and men in rural Mexico.
Loret Steinberg, Associate Professor of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT, will display photographs taken by her and her students of migrant workers in our community.

Both artists are deeply committed to the cause of immigration reform, most especially to the people themselves. Both use their profession to enlighten their audience by exposing them to the reality of what is often an academic discussion.

Planning Committee:
Mary Boite, Judicial Process Commission; George Dardess, member, Muslim Christian Alliance & Commission of Christian Muslim Relations; Barbara Deming, Episcopal Diocesan Public Policy Committee; Steven Jarose, National Coalition Building Institute; Alberta Moss, Community Advocate; Gail Mott, Downtown Presbyterian Church and the Rochester Committee on Latin America; Gary Pudup, NY Civil Liberties Union; Hank Stone, Citizens for a United Earth

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