Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Mayoral Candidate to Defend Petition Signatures

Rochester, NY - Green Party candidate for Mayor of Rochester, Alex White, and supporters are holding a door-to-door literature drop to encourage voters in the city to demand the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) drop their challenge to White’s petitions to run for office. The lit drop will begin at White’s home, 647 South Clinton Avenue, in Rochester at 5:30pm on Tuesday, August 25th.

White turned in petitions with over 1,600 signatures, above the 1,500 minimum for an independent to run for office. Green Party candidates are considered “independent” in New York State because they do not currently have ballot status, though voters can still register to be Green.

Last Friday, Sean Hart, Communications Director for the MCDC, filed challenges to six different candidates’ petitions, including White’s. While legal, White and the Green Party of Monroe County see this as an attack on democracy.

“I’m running because no other party would put someone up to run against the Mayor,” White said. “Every politician, no matter what party, should be held accountable, including Mayor Duffy. That is why I’m calling for all voters in the city to tell the Democratic machine that enough is enough. We want a choice at the ballot.”

White’s campaign manager, Dave Atias, added, “while this is pretty pathetic, it’s not much of a surprise. They can’t run on their record so they have to stifle those who want to call them out. What are they afraid of? Why do the Democrats hate democracy so much?”

Democrats have an overwhelming advantage over the Greens. According to state records, there are 66,375 active Democrats in the city versus only 359 Greens as of August 14, 2009.

“We are going to ask our fellow citizens to chime in,” White said. “And if the Democrats continue this assault on voters’ choice, we’ll exhaust every legal remedy to remain on the ballot. The Greens are not going away.”

White’s campaign website can be seen at

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