Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Call Democrats and Demand Your Democracy Back

Alexander White found out that there was no one willing to challenge Bob Duffy, in his re-election bid. How are we supposed to hold our Mayor accountable if there is no one to run against him? So Alex White, a Green, decided to give his fellow citizens a choice. And The Monroe County Democratic Committee is trying to take that away from you!

Tell the MCDC that you demand to have a Choice!

Alex and his friends decided to participate in the democratic process by gathering over 1600 signatures at the Public Market and the streets of Rochester. Now Sean Hart, an operative of the MCDC has filed challenges to six different campaigns. Why? What are they afraid of? Is this the only way the Mayor can win re-election?
Is this democracy?

Call or e-mail the MCDC and demand they drop their challenge to Alex’s legitimate right to run for public office.

Phone: (585) 232-2410
Email: info@monroedemocrats.com

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