Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote Cynthia McKinney for President

During her 12 year tenure in the United States Congress, Cynthia McKinney won recognition as an outspoken leader for human rights, an ardent advocate for peace, and a determined worker for justice. She authored legislation to: eliminate federal subsidies for corporations taking jobs overseas; institute a national livable wage; repeal the Military Tribunals Act; eliminate the use of depleted uranium weapons; impeach Bush, Cheney, and Rice.

• End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

• Single-Payer Universal Health Care

• National Living Wage

• Marriage Equality

• Sustainable Energy and Transportation

• Right of Return for Katrina/Rita Survivors

• Debt relief for Workers, Students, and Homeowners

Numbers to call if you have a problem – If you have a problem on Election Day, or want to report a problem you have witnessed, there are several numbers to call to report the incident and get advice:

· 1-800-OUR VOTE

· 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en espanol)

· In New York City, call NYPIRG’s hotline at 212-822-0282


The Green Party candidates for president and vice president, Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, are an historic ticket. These two women of color, a former 6 term Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia and a journalist and founder of the National Hip Hop Caucus have teamed up to bring a message of peace, democracy, justice and ecological sanity to the 2008 national elections.

Never in recent history has the momentum and engagement in a presidential race been at this level but registered voters and Obama volunteers are not the only numbers that are at a record high. So is the gap between rich and poor, foreclosures have risen dramatically, unemployment is on the rise, Our planet is in more danger than ever before.

Why should you vote for McKinney and Clemente on the Green Party line?

Because both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates will continue to spend precious resources – our young people and our money – on war and the military. McCain will bomb his way to victory in Iraq while Obama will redirect resources from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Neither candidate has a convincing plan to control emissions. And both support new coal and nuclear power plants.

The Green Party candidates, Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, will drastically cut military spending, stop the building of new nuclear power plants and implement a bold plan that will provide real oversight and control over the Wall Street robber barons.

By voting GREEN this Election Day you’ll be saying:

YES to total withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan!

YES to marriage equality!

YES to universal, single-payer health care!

YES to national living wage!

YES to reducing emissions to 25% by 2020!

YES to renewable solar power and wind energy!

YES to a crackdown on corporate crime!

YES to ending the drug war!

YES to restoring Constitutional civil rights!

YES to abolishing the death penalty!

YES to electoral and campaign finance reform!


Here in New York State, the Green Party is the only party that runs candidates who adhere to these values– your values. When we encourage you to vote for candidates on the Green Party line – you can be sure that what our candidates say and do is based on our party’s platform.

While both the Democratic and Republican candidates have spent record breaking amounts of money on this election from big corporate donors and special interest groups, the Green Party takes no corporate donations so please show your support by making a secure donation on line at

Vote Truth 08 – Vote McKinney/Clemente – Vote Green Party Row H!

The Green Party stands for: Non-violence – grassroots democracy – social and economic justice – ecological wisdom

Peter LaVenia
Gloria Mattera
Green Party of New York State

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