Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm so saddened by the media guided focus of this election.

Why oh why is race the glory of this election when the person's voting record should be ? Obama's voting record is very similar to John McCains. Check it and see for yourself ! NAFTA, & CAFTA took your jobs away, refusal to hold criminals responsible, spying on innocent Americans, the Patriot Act which will put anyone who is labeled an " enemy combatant " by the president at his whim, into jail without a lawyer! He supports the " clean coal & safe nuclear" industry ! There is no such thing !

I voted for a black woman Cynthia McKinney , not because she was black & a woman , but because she took no money from corporations who have driven this country in to the depths of torture, poverty and shame.

I voted Green because that party respects the Constitution NOT the corporation like the other 2. The 2 major parties are now one & they bow to the same corporations that wouldn't allow any others to participate in the debates! How is this American ? How is this a good thing ?

Check their voting records.

For those of you who drank the guilt cool aid and thought that you'd be taking votes away from Obama by voting for a third candidate, you've forgotten high school civics. Here in America we do not elect our presidents. It's a ceremony & a poll taking show of hands. The electoral college elects the US president. How is that ok with you ?

If you want someone of color to win , at least choose the person who will defend your civil rights, eliminate the electoral college, hold government officials responsible & ( here's the biggy) support the Constitution without corporate influence ! She was out there but the corporate media had already chosen their next leader.

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