Sunday, November 02, 2008

Farheen Hakeem, Green Party candidate for Representative to the Minnesota legislature

Farheen Hakeem is running as a Green candidate for Minnesota State House Representative from the 61B district. This urban open seat in South Minneapolis contains a diverse array of communities that are home to middle class families and young students, people with international background, people of the creative class and the economically disadvantaged. Farheen is a young community leader in Minneapolis with rich experiences in education and community organizing. A former math teacher, she is a Girl Scout troop leader.

One of Farheen's core policies is to establish a universal, single-payer healthcare system for Minnesotans. Also, she will dedicate herself as a youth policy expert at the State Capitol so that Minnesotans from all backgrounds can have equal and bright opportunities in life. Another priority for her is sustainability; as a Green leader and a hybrid car driver who was environmentally-conscious well before "it was cool and sexy to be green". She will promote an affordable and extensive public transportation system to meet the needs of the citizens. Most importantly, Farheen will be an independent, green voice in St. Paul, who will not be influenced by the machine politics of Republicans or the DFL.

As a well-known community organizer who has run for a public office twice before, she has a very good chance of winning the seat. In the County Commissioner's race in 2006, Farheen won 43% of the votes in the electorate. Throughout the district, the presence of Farheen's yard signs is far more visible than her opponents. Enthusiasm for a new type of politics and the culture of independent politics in Minnesota all work in favour for her candidacy this November. Once elected, Farheen Hakim will make great Green change in St. Paul as one of the highest-ranking Green politicians in the entire country.

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