Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rosa Clemente interviewed on KPKF's Uprising

Green Party VP nominee Rosa Clemente interviewed on KPKF's Uprising
Conversation with GP Veep, Rosa Clemente

and from July 14:
Greens Pick McKinney for President
GUEST: Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator of the Green Party

Hip Hop activist and independent journalist Rosa Clemente recently accepted Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney’s invitation to be her running mate. A 36 year old South Bronx native of Puerto Rican decent, Clemente delivered her acceptance speech last Saturday at the Green Party National Convention in Chicago. Citing everyone from hip hop group Dead Prez to Puerto Rican Independence fighter Pedro Albizu Campos, she underlined the politics of her ticket’s presidential campaign. Before this stint for public office, Rosa Clemente was a student at the University of Albany and earned her Master’s Degree at Cornell. While at Cornell, Clemente started La Voz Boriken, an organization that supported Puerto Rican political prisoners and the independence cause. She became involved in alternative media at our sister station, WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York and has published numerous articles for print in magazines such as Clamor and The Ave. In 2003, Clemente was central to organizing the first ever National Hip Hop Political Convention that created a political agenda for the Hip Hop generation.

GUEST: Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential Candidate of the Green Party, community organizer, independent journalist and Hip-Hop activist. For more information, visit

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