Sunday, July 20, 2008

National Media Coverage of the Green Party Convention

Green Party Taps McKinney

Atlanta-Journal Constitution
McKinney wins Green Party nomination
McKinney expected to get Green Party nomination this week

McKinney Joins The (Third) Party As Barr, Nader Fight On

Chicago Public Radio (has a nice picture)
McKinney Chosen To Lead Greens
(for complete Chicago Public Radio Coverage go to and type "Green Party" in the search area for a series of articles)

The Chicago Sun-Times,CST-NWS-green10web.article
Green Party to hold convention, nominate presidential candidate

Chicago tribune,0,869646.story
McKinney to represent Greens on ballot

McKinney running for president as Green candidate

Democracy Now
Green Party Nominates Cynthia McKinney to be President

McKinney Wins Green Party Nomination

The Herald News,4_1_JO11_GREEN_S1.article
Two local candidates going Green (Party)

2004 Indy Interview w/ Rosa Clemente, Likely Green Party Vice-Presidential Nominee

The LA Times,0,1807623.story
Cynthia McKinney outlines Green Party goals

Michigan Daily (University of Michigan)
The third chair
(see also accompanying blog

Ms. Magazine (Feminist Wire News Briefs)
Cynthia McKinney will be Green Party Presidential Candidate

Green Party Holds Convention In Chicago; Party Expected To Nominate Presidential Candidate

McKinney Goes Green; Will a third-party candidate be a 'spoiler'?

NPR (story starts halfway through)
Former Rep. McKinney Heads Green Party Ticket

Pacifica (3-hour broadcast)

The Southern
Don't blame me, I voted Whitney," bumper sticker proclaims

McKinney named Green Party candidate

USA Today (headlines)
The U.S. Green Party continues its presidential nominating convention in Chicago

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