Thursday, November 15, 2007

SKCM Curry for Vice-President

Ms. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry (aka SKCM Curry)

SKCM Curry is a Green Party activist from South Central Los Angeles, CA where she was born and still hold resident! Her political education started pre birth given her families strong involvement in ensuring justice and peace prevail in their village (Pueblo Dio Rio Housing Projects).

She was trained on techniques of “Popular Education". Popular educators facilitate groups, assisting them to identify their strengths and abilities to change their social conditions. One of the leading exponents of education for social change in recent years has been the Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire.

Popular education begins on a local level, with logical debate focusing on the problems, or deficiencies of society. This discussion searches for answers to conflict between individuals and within their everyday lives. Popular education is most often initiated from outside a community by:

* Identifying the problems, expectations and expressed needs of a community;
* Identifying areas of change relevant to the groups' needs;
* considering the community's history, its local power base and economic distribution;
* Understanding why there are those who are disadvantaged, or oppressed.

She was the strategist for the People People's National Convention (PNC) the third largest political party in Ghana, West Africa Address: Kokomlemle, near Sadisco, Accra., Tel: 233 21 226528 / 2000 and 2004 PNC Presidential Candidate: Dr. Edward Mahama .SKCM Curry work laid the ground work for PNC to gain three elected members of parliament. It was the first time in the history of the nation a third party won 3 seats; a real political feat took place!

She currently a candidate for Green Party Vice Presidential nomination in 2008. Her “open” campaign is based on the GPUS 10 key values and four pillars. After 5 years (2002-2007) of involvement in the Green Party United State (local, state, national) she thinks that we Greens must combine our energy on all levels to create winning strategies that synergistically promote a national Green vision supported by measurable policies, programs and laws appealing to the varied local, state and national interests of all Americans.

Her objective in joining the Green Party was and is about building a permanent third political party here in the United States of America. She see’s, the way forward must be for we Greens to emphasize direct action tactics and traditional electoral politics to women, people of color, independents and progressives in a clear and measurable manner. Her campaign is focused on over the next 10 months on ensuring every registered green is an effective “ambassador of change” we seek in and for our nation.

We Green’s are individual key link in the “change network”. As a female of African descent, a direct product of a nation which came thru the civil rights movement, the people who laid their bodies on the line in that movement are a significant part of my inspiration. She has lived in; Ghana, West Africa, Paris, France, Mexico as well had the joy of living in New Orleans 9th ward for 9 months…She know Seattle, Washington well because of her father has resident their for several decades.

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