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Help Lift the Ban on Alison Bodine

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Saturday November 17, 2007


The fight in defense of targeted anti-war and social justice activist
Alison Bodine has reached a critical point on the eve of her scheduled
November 17th exclusion from Canada. It has been over 2 months since
Alison was harassed as a political activist after border agents found
antiwar materials in her car. The political targeting then continued,
when she was arrested by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as she
attempted to exit Canada on September 13th. Currently Alison Bodine is
Co-chair, executive committee member and spokesperson of Mobilization
Against War and Occupation (MAWO) in Vancouver, BC. Her hearing on the
false and unjust charge of "misrepresentation" took place on October
11th. The decision was released on October 31st ordering her to leave
Canada by November 17th and imposes a 2 year ban from Canada.

Since the October 31st decision the Alison Bodine defense Committee
(ABDC) has pursued all possible legal avenues to have her stay in
Canada extended, while continuing to increase support in a political
campaign in defense of democratic and human rights. The government of
Canada has denied the applications for Alison to be able to remain in
Canada as we fight for a Federal Court review of her case to lift the
2 year ban against her entering Canada. It is now clear that they are
attempting to shut down the case and sweep Alison out of the country
because they think that it will halt the campaign for human and
democratic rights that has gained so much support and momentum over
the last two months. They want to shut up and shut down Alison as an
activist as an example to others taking part in opposition to war and
occupation, and organizing for peace and social justice.

This fight is not over. We have one more legal possibility for Alison
to be able to stay in Canada past November 17th and we urgently need
your support. There are less than 24 hours before the exclusion order
against Alison is enforced in which the Minister of Citizenship &
Immigration Diane Finley can intervene and stop this unjust removal
and 2 year banning. This will only happen with petitions, letters and
the continued support of MP's and MLA's, adding to those already
received from individuals and organizations including the Hospital
Employees Union and NDP MP Libby Davies and others.

Friday November 16th brought positive gains for the defense campaign.
At the opening night of the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) convention
being held in Vancouver this weekend, Alison was asked to speak from
the stage about her urgent case. Hundreds of NDP delegates from across
BC listened as she explained this case of political targeting,
harassment and unjust banning from Canada. When Alison finished her
speech, the room erupted in applause and a standing ovation. More than
100 people then signed support letters including two more MPs, Penny
Priddy and Nathan Cullen.

If Minster Finley does not intervene before midnight on November 17th,
then Alison will have to cross back into the United States, and a new
stage of the battle will open. The ABDC will launch a massive campaign
starting November 18th demanding "LIFT THE 2 YEAR BAN!" collecting
5,000 - 10,000 or tens of thousands of petition signatures – to expand
the support for Alison's case broader and wider than ever before! The
ABDC will fight until the Federal Court or Minister Finley reverses
this injustice.

Achieving the demand of "LIFT THE 2 YEAR BAN" will effectively negate
the original charges against Alison and will ultimately mean a victory
against the political frame-up that began more than two months ago.
With the ban is lifted, Alison will finally have her full rights to
travel between the US and Canada restored.

It doesn't matter what side of the 49th parallel Alison is on, this
fight for civil liberties will continue until to achieve victory.
Reversing the exclusion order and the 2 year ban will be a step
forward in the struggle to stop the government of Canada from
executing their agenda of silence and intimidation against anti-war
and social justice activists. Over the next days, weeks and months the
Alison Bodine Defense Committee vows to keep fighting in defense of
the civil liberties for all people especially those who are fighting
for justice, humanity and a better world.

"Lift the 2 year Ban and Stop the Removal of Alison Bodine from Canada"

>>> Address your letter to:
The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
Fax:(613) 996-9749
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