Thursday, November 29, 2007

Q&A: First Day of Dr. Jared Ball's Presidency?

The Jared Ball for President Campaign is pleased to post answers to questions we have received on various issues since the start of the Jared’s candidacy for the Green Party Presidential Nominee. We have received so many emails/questions from Greens and non-Greens. Please keep the questions coming and Jared will be sure to respond to them all right here.

Our featured question of the day is from Brian in Maryland. He asked–What would you do on the first day of your Presidency?

Here is Jared’s reply:

A. My very first action as president would be the immediate pardon of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Sundiata Acoli, David Gilbert and all other political prisoners. I would demand they all be released and at least on their way home by lunch time that same day. They would all receive public apologies from the nation and be given stipends covering housing, food, healthcare and education for themselves and immediate descendants for life.

B. I would immediately open investigations into a properly developed “Marshall Plan” for the US which would focus on rebuilding the most needy communities based on new Federal guidelines for minimum levels of housing, healthcare and education for all. This plan would extend the basis of the idea for reparations for African descendants to all communities improperly treated by this society throughout history.

C. I would either immediately repeal NAFTA or begin serious exploratory options into how to go about such an action offering a viable replacement, which would strengthen the needs and interests of labor in the US and the rest of the continent. This would be seen as part of an initiative designed to improve the working conditions of all so as to make unnecessary concerns over immigration “legal” or “not.”

D. I would then repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (and free up licenses for low-power FM and increase funding to a redesigned public broadcasting community).

E. If I could not do it by the stroke of a pen I would seek to immediately raise the requirements and pay of those in education (pre K - 12) to rival professional athletes by capping their salaries (and mostly those of their “owners”) so as to have that industry fund the proper increase in salary for those engaged in our most important of national/international concerns - proper education.

F. Based on that model I would challenge a selected/commissioned committee of activists, scholars and others to determine how we could best use popular entertainment and vanity shopping to fund improved infrastructure across the board assuring as Dr. King once called for a “guaranteed national income” and standard of living for all.

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