Thursday, November 29, 2007

Help Build the Green Party Here in Monroe County!

In January, GPoMC will be electing new officers. We are currently looking for residents of Monroe County that are registered to vote in the Green Part to run for the following positions:

The Chair shall be responsible for filing all required notices with the State and County Board of Elections, except those that have to do with financial matters, or that by law or by party by-laws or rules are required to be filed by some other officer. The Chair shall be the Presiding Officer of the Green Party of Monroe County.

The Notetaker is responsible for taking minutes of membership and steering committee meetings for distribution to the general membership and steering committee.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of funds for party purposes and for the County Organization. The Treasurer shall see that such funds are properly disbursed, and shall file with the proper offices and with the board of elections all financial reports and statements required by law. In general, the Treasurer shall perform the duties ordinarily performed by the Treasurer of a political party, and such other duties relating to financial matters as the Green Party of Monroe County may require.

Committee Chair
Electoral Committee: this committee will interface with representatives from the national and statewide party to update local party, assist local candidates in managing campaigns and recruit future candidates.

Committee Chair
Issues Committee: this committee is responsible for keeping abreast of local, state and national issues consistent with party key values, party platform and progressive agenda. Key functions would include serving as liason to local organizations who actively pursue progressive issues and providing support to enable members to organize around specific local issues of interest to greens and the community.

Committee Chair
Public Relations/Media: the bulwark of any organization, the public relations committee would recruit new members, advertise the party, develop media strategy and provide general information about party events. The committee would also include greenline and the website.

Committee Chair
Fundraising: to develop and coordinate fundraising activities.

Contact the Green Party of Monroe County if you are interested in holding one of these positions.


Jason Nabewaniec said...

elections will be held on February 11, 2008

Jason Nabewaniec said...

make that February 21, 2008