Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eric Jones for Buffalo Common Council

Eric Jones is the Green Party candidate for Buffalo Common Council in the Niagara District, a small district on the Canadian border that includes one of the wealthiest and one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York State.

Eric serves on the GPNYS Executive Committee and as the Chair of the Erie County Green Party. Eric is also a good friend of the Green Party of Monroe County.

Eric entered this race late when Judith Einach (former Green Party candidate for Mayor) dropped out, but he has been knocking on doors for 4 months and has some good support.

The race is pretty interesting given the strategy of the Democrats. The Democratic Party is divided in Buffalo and the two major factions each had a candidate in the primary. This led to a very ugly round of negative campaign for Democratic support.

Peter Savage III was backed by the Mayor and outspent and out worked David Rivera, the endorsed Democrat, but after counting the absentee votes Rivera won a close primary.

Savage will remain on the ballot in the General Election on the Conservative Party’s line, but he has not actively campaigned since losing the primary.

Rivera, wishing to drive home the message that the primary decides who is elected in Buffalo, quickly declared himself the winner and removed his yard signs. He actually expended the remaining energy on his campaign lowering his profile in hopes that voters will forget the primary was close.

There is also a Republican in the race, Sergio Rodriguez, in his first run for office and also is not actively campaigning.

With the Democrats split and fighting there is an opportunity for Eric Jones to win the support of the independents and disenfranchised voters. However with no overlapping contested elections Eric is going to need help getting his supporters to the polls on Election Day.

To help Eric pay for a Get Out The Vote mailing you can send a contribution to:

PO BOX 741

To volunteer with phone banking or door knocking you can contact the campaign directly at:
(716) 908-5226 or send an email to

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It's time for city government that puts people first, not political machines.

It's time to put an end to backroom deals.

It's time for a comprehensive plan to deal with Buffalo's housing problems.

It's time to focus on local business development, not corporate giveaways like Bass Pro.

It's time to enforce Buffalo's living wage law. It's time to put principles ahead of politics.

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