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WFP—Warmakers For Peace?

Vote Your Values? WFP says "Give Peace a Chance, Vote for War Candidates!"

Vote Green Party Peace Slate

1. WFP—Warmakers For Peace?

The WFP wants to promote peace while asking you to vote for war candidates like Clinton and Spitzer. "I support Howie Hawkins in his campaign against Hillary Clinton and I support Malachy McCourt in his campaign for governor."

The WFP had a chance to endorse Jonathan Tasini, an anti-war Democrat running for US Senate. Instead it gave its support to Hillary Clinton. As Tasini says, "To tell voters to vote for a pro-war Democrat as a way to protest the war...I'm sorry, that is simply ugly."

In fact, the WFP has consistently given its ballot line to pro-war candidates, including Sen. Schumer two years ago.

Green Party candidates Howie Hawkins (Senate) and Malachy McCourt (Governor) are endorsed by Cindy Sheehan. You may have seen the WFP mailer that included Cindy's photograph but in her own words,

All Green Party candidates are opposed to war as a matter of principle. Consistently and unswervingly.

2. The Environment – WFP candidate Hillary Clinton a do-nothing

The Boston Globe has described Clinton as a "no show" on global warming, repeatedly voting against needed action.

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for US Senate. Former marine Hawkins supports cutting the military budget by $300 billion and investing the savings in a worldwide program to halt climate change through energy conservation and renewable energy.

The Green Party is the party of the environment.

3. Corruption, Corporate Control over Politics, – WFP looks the other way

The WFP endorsed Eliot Spitzer, a candidate who has taken enormous donations from Wall Street lobbyists and investment firms from around the country.

The WFP has also endorsed Alan Hevesi, the current comptroller, who has spent public funds for personal use.

Two years ago the WFP helped keep the State Senate in Republican hands, delivering several thousand votes to the third-ranking Republican, Nick Spano, enabling him to defeat a progressive African American woman, Andrea Stewart-Cousins in Westchester by only 18 votes.

The Greens will never accept corporate money and will never tolerate corruption.

McCourt, a well-known author and actor, worked as a longshoreman, a truck driver and dishwasher. McCourt, when asked about the death penalty, said, "My son is a police officer and I am proud of him. But if he were killed, it would give us no consolation to have his killer put to death."

4. WFP says pull the lever for Death Penalty Dems

Mr. Spitzer is for the death penalty. So is Clinton. The WFP supposedly endorses criminal justice reform. Why endorse a candidate who will open the door to re-instating the death penalty by applying it in certain situations. Malachy McCourt is unequivocally opposed to the death penalty - ALWAYS.

5. WFP's Spitzer thwarts same-sex marriage efforts. Green party mayor marries same-sex couples, risks jail.

When Mr. Spitzer had the opportunity to embrace same-sex marriage, he instead issued a formal opinion opposing the courageous action taken by Green Party New Paltz Mayor Jason West in recognizing same-sex marriage. While the Chief Judge of New York State disagreed with the Spitzer opinion, the rest of the Court of Appeals sadly ruled against same-sex marriage. Mr. Spitzer thus helped kill the best chance we had to legalize same-sex marriage in NYS — and to help promote it nationwide. While Mr. Spitzer says he supports legislative action, that's unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled State Senate.

6. WFP silent on Bruce Ratner's threat to use of eminent domain. Greens oppose Atlantic Yards mega-development.

McCourt is also opposed to the Forest City Ratner Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn which if built as planned, will be the densest residential development in the country. McCourt believes this project is completely out of scale for the neighborhood and criticizes the closed-door deal and state takeover that excluded the community from the process. Unlike Spitzer's enthusiasm for the project and support for the use of eminent domain, McCourt is opposed to even one home being taken for the benefit of a private developer's profit.

The billions of dollars in city and state subsidies waiting to be poured into Ratner's sports arena could be used to fund our schools, parks and public transportation. The WFP has been silent on this developer's drive to abuse eminent domain and ignore the communities most affected by this mega-development. Could it be because WFP leader and ACORN Executive Director Bertha Lewis has brokered a deal with Bruce Ratner to manage the affordable housing component of the project, which realistically falls far short of the housing needs of most Brooklyn residents?

Last year the WFP endorsed Ratner cheerleader Marty Markowitz for Borough President. Green Party candidate Gloria Mattera opposed Markowitz and registered the biggest Green vote ever in the communities threatened by the project.

7. WFP undercuts health care reform

The WFP says it wants health care for all. Yet it has refused to fight for it in the legislature. Instead, the WFP undercuts the movement for universal single-payer health care by pushing for a limited employer mandate bill that its Assembly Democratic friends refused to move — and which their gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer campaigned against. The WFP's US Senate candidate, Hillary Clinton, continues to oppose a single-payer health system — just as she did in 1993 when she promoted the growth of HMOs. Now Clinton wants to mandate that individual consumers must buy private health insurance. Clinton is so opposed to real health care reform that only one politician in the country receives more in donations than she does from the health care industry.

The Green Party candidates advocate for a publicly funded, publicly administered national health insurance program. While Hawkins will champion a move to cover all US residents through a national health program with support for HR 676, McCourt will spearhead a statewide initiative to cover all New Yorkers by immediately setting up a legislative commission to determine the most effective way of providing statewide universal health coverage.

8. Real progressive alternatives

Why vote for pro-war, corporate-backed candidates in a party that SAYS it holds progressive values when those values are often not championed by the candidates? Besides McCourt for governor and Hawkins for US Senate, the Green Party is running candidates for lieutenant governor, attorney general and comptroller.

Lt. Governor candidate Alison Duncan is a trade union and LGBT activist who puts fully funded, quality education and access to quality health care as her priorities.

Rachel Treichler, attorney general candidate, is committed to protecting the rights of all New Yorkers — by protecting civil liberties, ensuring fair elections and stopping greedy developers from demolishing our communities.

Comptroller candidate Julia Willebrand will make sure that the $140 billion in state pension funds is invested in companies that protect the environment, will deal honestly with consumers and give working people a fair shake.

The WFP wants to change the two corporate parties by endorsing their candidates.

The Green Party wants to create an alternative, a genuine opposition that stands up to corporate power and advocates for the majority. The only chance to realize our hopes and ideals is to vote for those candidates who support them.

Vote for peace

Vote for democracy

Vote for the earth

Vote for honesty

Vote Green — Row F

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