Saturday, November 11, 2006

Democrats Only Need 2 Days to Sell Out

  1. They’re going to make Joe Lieberman Chair of the Committee on Homeland Security!

  2. Pelosi said she is definitely NOT going to be looking at impeachment for Bush. And John Conyers agrees!

  3. So-called "liberal" bloggers are already calling for dems to do…basically nothing.

Every time people who are labelled "liberals" push through legislation (minimum wage increases for example), everyone else cries that the sky is falling. Then when these things are actually enacted and chaos does NOT ensue no one says a word. If you wait until you (hope to) have a bigger majority, the special interests will have time to get a grip on the newbies. Stop throwing around labels and get stuff done. When things actually start to improve, most will just shut up and go with it. This isn't about revenge, this is about doing what is right.

Well, lefties, you've already been sold out. Enjoy your "victory".

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