Saturday, November 18, 2006

Host a Screening of American Blackout

Some of you may have had the honor of seeing the movie American Blackout at the High Falls Film Festival. We highly encourage you to check out their website at The movie is about election fraud perpetrated on predominantly people of color and centers around the efforts of outgoing Congresswoman Cythia McKinney.

Greens who saw this movie said it was powerful and amazing. Some had the opportunity
to meet the producer of the movie, Anastasia King. Because of the controversial nature of the picture, distribution studios won't touch this movie. So Ms. King has encouraged progressive groups to show the movie. GPoMC has bought a number of copies of American Blackout and are inviting you to host a screening of the movie in your home or within the context of another social group you may be a part of. If you're interested, e-mail Dave Atias at greenpmc34 at yahoo dot com or call (585) 234-6470.

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