Saturday, November 18, 2006

Become a GPoMC Officer!

If you would like to be involved in steering the local Green Party in terms of platform development, candidate recruitment, fundraising, party infrastructure and spreading our vision to the rest of the community, think about running for an officer position. All the officer seats are open - Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer.

Is it a time committment? Yes. But one of the most rewarding and educational ones you can ever invest yourself in. You can see what the responsibilities of each position are here.

The election for party officers is at the January monthly meeting (January 8th). Nominations for these will be taken at the December meeting as well as right up to the election itself. We use Preferred Voting and "None of the Above" is always a choice.

Anyone registered as a Green according to the Monroe County Board of Elections as of October 28, 2006 is eligible to run and vote in the election.

For more information call (585) 234-6470.

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