Friday, September 08, 2006

Greens Help Stop Bus Fare Increase!

Congratulations goes out to the community coalition that has been
putting pressure on the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation
Agency to stop them from bus fare increases in October. RGRTA has
recently announced that they will not be increasing fares. A great
victory for grassroots organizing in town - and the Green Party is
part of this coalition.

But the fight is not over. From research done on the RGRTA during the
struggle, we've discovered that the board of directors of this agency
is NOT very representative of the people who USE public transportation
in Rochester. Yes, not a big surprise {cough, cough, water authority,
cough cough}. So the next step in this is to work on the make up of
the RGRTA board. There is a public forum on Thursday, September 14th
at 4:30pm at the Gleason Auditorium at the Downtown Public Library.

We even have T-shirts you can buy online to show that you are a Green
and demand a true representation for RGRTA. Check it out at :

There's also other GPoMC gear at the CafePress store. The address is

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Mr. Buzzcut said...

Congrats to freeloaders everywhere!