Saturday, March 25, 2006

4/22/06 Green Senate Candidate in Rochester

Sander Hicks will be in Rochester on Saturday April 22nd, Sander is currently running for the Green Party’s nomination as the Green challenger to Hillary Clinton for US Senate. Mark your calendars, this is sure to be a fun event and a great chance to get to know the Greens.

GPoMC is looking for volunteers to help organize and promote the event that evening, if your interested in helping out please contact us.

The event will feature Sander Hicks, Holley Anderson, Andy Laties, MC Ashton from Phantasmatrash, and local entertainment.

Sander Hicks is a media activist, a progressive publisher and Green party candidate for US Senate. His is heading out on the road to speak and listen to New York State, from April 19-25, and May 1-7.

Holley Anderson, his wife and partner, is a great singer/songwriter whose political punk/folk provides thoughtful entertainment to our campaign:

Also, on the bill for the April 20-25 leg of the campaign tour: Andy Laties, author of Rebel Bookseller. Laties is a big anti-WalMart/anti-Barnes&Noble advocate of independent entrepreneur creativity. After 25 years as an independent bookseller, he's got a great track record in community economics.

MC Ashton will be bringing his musical project Phantasmatrash, a multi-media rock – hip hop group that champions ideals like independence, innovation, introspection, vulnerability, compassion, and sincerity, phantasmatrash hopes to impart to the listener that there is another way to live. We can't let corporate greed, governmental malfeasance, and widespread alienation dilute our own potent personal revolutions.

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