Sunday, February 19, 2006

Elizabeth Henderson's Talk at GPoMC Monthly Meeting

Last week, Elizabeth Henderson, of Peacework Organic Farm spoke at our Monthly Meeting. There were a lot of questions answered about organics and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's). Here are the highlights:
(Picture "borrowed" from Nancy Kasper)

Most organic farming is done at a small scale level of 1-10 acres. Larger organic farms are the exception. Elizabeth sees the organic movement not as just one of farming and agriculture, but a movement of treating workers, consumers and the land with respect. It's a full agrarian movement.

Quick Fact: There are not many Universities with organic research programs, though the number is slowly expanding. One would think that Cornell University would have a program, but it doesn't.

Another Quick Fact: 43% of organic farmers are women.

One more Quick Fact: the average age of farmers in general is mid 50's, the average age of organic farmers is mid-40's. Younger people who get into agriculture are going organic.

Here are things that can be done to support organic agriculture at the local, state and national levels:


  • Join a CSA (such as GVOCSA)

  • Buy from local farms.

  • Shop at Abundance Co-Op or Lori's Natural Foods.

  • Participate in Rochester Roots.

  • Enjoy family activites on local farms.

  • Organize to enact local legislation barring Genetically Modified crops.

  • Organize to get local food into local schools.



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