Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anti War Events this week and through March

Hello all,
I attended the RAW (Rochester Against War) coalition meeting today at noon as a Green Party member and also as an individual activist. Present were-- Indymedia team, ISO, Peace Action and Ed, Metro Justice, and Military families Against the War, and others. There will be another meeting this coming Saturday again at noon in the same Hungerford Building office #368 at 1115 E main Street--this time with more specific detailed planning.

Here is a brief summary of events planned and scheduled from now til the March 24th final speaker in the Reality of War Tour series:

  • Wed., Feb. 22, 7 pm Move On. Org Vigil -- 5 pm (I believe) at Twelve Corners
  • Wed., Feb. 22, 7 pm -- REALITY OF WAR TOUR -- Event #4 "Not Your Soldier" @ First Universalist Church, 150 S. Clinton Ave
    Presented by Veteran Stan Goff and Vietnam War Resister Lee Zaslofsky http://RochesterAgainst
  • Sat. March 8 --International Women's Day -- Women Say No to War (Codepink) in DC and in events worldwide. Considering the MC Green focus this year, we may wish to co sponsor some event. I plan to check with Codepink and with some other women's groups to see what will work for everyone. Or I may go to DC if nothing happens here. Also go to to read the women's call for peace and sign the declaration.
  • Sat., March 18th -- Global Call for Action to protest the US War against Iraq--specifically in Rochester the start of a 6 day series of actions in the city and in the suburbs--"Stop the War" march in the city Saturday, vigils/other events in outlying towns and villages during the week (at least 2 groups were represented at today's meeting), and culminating in the final event in the REALITY OF WAR TOUR--at RIT on Friday night, March 24th--speaker on ending the war now. (RIT and RAW are organizing this event specifically). I am on the media team and the planning team for coordinating the events of the week. I said the GPoMC would participate in the march and in at least 1 of the events most likely. QUESTION: are we a sponsoring organization in the RAW coalition? If so I need to get back to the lead members so our group name and website is included on their site (which is being revamped and updated).

Actually, a lot of good discussion and planning happened at this 2 hr meeting, and the various group reps seemed to all really get on board. The contact list for this coalition is long, so some cell phone calling and e-mailing will happen as soon as some plans are finalized. This is a great opportunity to tap into a growing majority of people who are frustrated with G. Bush and the war machine, people who are suffering as a result of the enormous costs (monetary and socio-economic) of this war.

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