Friday, December 16, 2005

City Council's Priorities

Let me get this committee of the Rochester City Council approves bonds for $11.5 million for the Ferry to get out of debt and operate next year, but the housing committee won't pass legislation that makes dust wipes part of the law because it'll cost the city $500,000? Well, I guess we can see where their priorities are.

This is what happens to kids who have lead poisoning...and it's permanent. There is no cure. We would save more than the $500,000 it would cost for the dust wipes in special education, medicaid, police and other social service costs and everyone on the City Council knows it. We cannot forget who voted for this sorry excuse for a bill. Lois Giess, Wade Norwood, Bill Pritchard and Ben Douglass. What makes this even sadder is Norwood is gone in a few weeks and Giess probably won't run again in 2007 now that she's eligible for her pension from the City. I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves next year so the Democrats can install an "incumbent".

Folks, you have to be at the City Council meeting this Tuesday (12/20). Call 428-7421 to speak or just come and show these people that our children mean more than a boat. And check out the post before this one to see how you can contact all the City Council Members.


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