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Back Green Party LogoGreen Party candidates pick up key endorsements in 2011 state and local races across the US

Green Party candidates pick up key endorsements in 2011 state and local races across the US


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Two candidates so far will seek the Green presidential nomination

Green Party elections and candidates

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party candidates have received key endorsements in local races across the US in the 2011 election.

The Green Party now has two contenders for the presidential nomination, Dr. Kent Mesplay (http://www.mesplay.org) and Dr. Jill Stein, who will make her formal declaration in Boston, Massachusetts, on Monday, October 24 (http://www.jillstein.org). The nomination will take place at the Green Party's 2012 national convention next summer, details to be announced.

On the ballot in the November 8, 2011 general election:

In a press conference on October 1, the Philadelphia chapter of NOW announced its endorsement of Cheri Honkala for Sheriff of Philadelphia (video: http://www.cherihonkala.com/?p=1121). Ms. Honkala is running on an anti-eviction platform and, as sheriff, will not cooperate with banks attempted to foreclose on homeowners
Video of Ms. Honkala at Occupy DC: http://www.cherihonkala.com/?p=1146
Video of Ms. Honkala at Occupy Wall Street: http://www.cherihonkala.com/?p=1134
Interview in Yes! Magazine

Rick Purcell, Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for Holyoke City Council in Ward 3, has been endorsed by United Auto Workers (http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2011/10/07/uaw-endorses-green-for-city-council-in-holyoke-ma). This is the UAW√Ę€™s second recent endorsement of a Green in Massachusetts, after its endorsement of Mark Miller for State Representative.
More information: http://www.facebook.com/RickPurcellForHolyoke

The Marin Independent Journal has endorsed Larry Bragman (incumbent) and Ryan O'Neil for Fairfax Town Council (http://www.marinij.com/opinion/ci_19083673). The five-member Town Council already has a Green majority.
More information, videos: http://www.bragmanforfairfax.com
Video: Mayor Larry Bragman On What Tea Partiers can Gain from Greens

Howie Hawkins has been endorsed by UNITE HERE Local 150 and the Greater Syracuse Labor Council in his campaign for Common Councillor in Syracuse, New York (http://www.howiehawkins.com/2011). Mr. Hawkins was a featured speaker in the 'No Nukes Tour' of several southern states, October 3-10. More information: http://www.gp.org/press/pr-national.php?ID=451
Article: http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2011/oct/09/activist-encourages-opposition-to-nukes/

More Green campaign news and links:

"San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire: Terry Baum," The Huffington Post, October 10, 2011
Ms. Baum's campaign site, with videos: http://terryjoanbaum.com
Ms. Baum at Occupy San Francisco: http://terryjoanbaum.com/category/blog

"Vote Local! Vote Green! A Grassroots Campaign" by Jack Wagner, Free Independent Sun, October 5, 2011

More campaign news at Green Party Watch http://www.greenpartywatch.org

Updates from October 18 special legislative elections:

Farheen Hakeem, running for Minnnesota State Senator in District 61 (http://www.farheenhakeem.org), placed second, ahead of the Republican. Ms. Hakeem had been endorsed by the Minnesota chapter of NOW and also by Socialist Alternative, the first time the latter group has ever endorsed a local candidate. Ms. Hakeem is a co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

Mark Miller, running for Massachusetts State Representative in the 3rd District (Berkshire), also came in second, one or two percentage points behind the Democratic winner. Mr. Miller had been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and Mass Alliance, a statewide coalition for progressive political and advocacy organizations (http://massalliance.org). More information on Mr. Miller's campaign: http://markmiller2011.org/home.html

More on the results of both races:


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