Saturday, February 05, 2011

Green Candidate for Mayor - Alex White

I am Alex White and I am the Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Rochester. As many of you know this is a special election in many ways. It will be the first election since Howie Hawkins received enough votes to get the Green Party back on the ballot in NY. The Greens will be running a candidate and it is our intention to win.

This is our chance to put our best foot forward and show a large group of people that there is another way to govern and another set of values which government can promote. It is also an excellent opportunity for us, as a party, to have a strong showing and build progressive presence in Rochester that is not always on the outside looking in.

This will not be easy. Not only will the Democratic Party fight hard to retain power but it is also possible that former Mayor, Bill Johnson will run. Despite the media attention my opponents can command, I am already out talking to people, attending community meetings and making the strongest case possible for my campaign.

Our campaign is working to build from the ground up. We will be knocking on doors, handing out literature, and greeting bus riders downtown. I have also outlined a strong platform of new ideas to help solve our problems both little and large.

I will work with the police department to reduce crime rather than just investigate it by using community policing, recreation, rehabilitation, and drug treatment as tools to do so. I would also like to make it easier for the city to rehab vacant houses using local labor and then reselling them with a plan which would create jobs in the process. I propose all building deals have more strict local labor requirements to further provide jobs for the community. I am opposed to mayoral control, and support open government coming from community needs. I would like to form a public electric utility to lower energy costs and create jobs. There is a lot more at

Take a look at my ideas and feel free to send me more. Every campaign needs people's time and money, particularly one like ours that is not sponsored by outside interests like my opponents. If you can donate either we appreciate whatever you can give, but even if you cannot, we appreciate your vote and support on March 29th.

Thank you,
Alex White

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