Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Enter Bill Johnson

It seemed that the Green party was all set to be the champions of democracy. They had called for an open process, put out clear rules, and received a few applications. There was good press and it looked like we were going to form a formidable opponent into the crooked Democrat-controlled special elections. Our chances got even better when the Democrats' plan started to fall apart. First there was a charge that the City Charter had not been read by the Democrats and the phrase "shall act as mayor" was found to describe Tom Richards status, which is quite different from "shall be Mayor". Then there was a Hatch Act charge which may force him to resign or bow out of the election.

Just when it looked like it could not get any more confused, in comes Bill Johnson claiming the Democrats need a viable candidate or he might have to enter the race. Despite using claims and language which is very similar to that used by the Greens about promoting democracy, Johnson has yet to make it clear what he intends to do? As of 1/13 Johnson has not indicated whether he is intending to get a third party endorsement, challenge the Democrats at the upcoming meeting (assuming there's a special election), or run as an independent. His presence only seems to further complicate the special election process in Rochester. Finally as he left office with the Fast Ferry debacle it seems unlikely that he is democracy's savior which many Rochestarians hope.

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