Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Join the GPoMC County Committee

Hello Everyone!

I know that the media is trying to hammer us with their cynicism after the recent elections, but we got ballot status and we're getting ready to do something with it! To run candidates, we need to have a strong party infrastructure and that means we need a county committee. So if you want to see the Green Party thrive in Monroe County, but don't feel that you're ready to run for office yet, this is the perfect way to help out.

At the last monthly meeting, we decided to hold elections for various interim committee seats. They will run from December 13th to May 9, 2011. This will give some new folks a chance to try the county committee out, take it for a spin, kick the tires, etc. And then, when May comes around, we'll have another set of elections for more permanent seats on the committee. Remember, we're just getting up and running again after having some time off. So, here are your opportunities and what you could be doing:

*2 Co-Chairs: We prefer to have gender balance at the top so we like to have male & female co-chairs. The two of you will work together as the face of the party. Putting out press releases, being official representatives of the party at forums, working to get more people registered green, etc.

*Treasurer: You will deposit donations into our credit union account and will be the one responsible for reporting to the state via their online page. It's not overly demanding, you just have to be able to get that very short report in on time.

*Secretary: You'll be responsible for getting information to the party members, via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You'll also post meeting minutes for all of our meetings.

And that's it for right now. As I said, we're just getting going again so we're getting just what we need to start growing and to get ready for 2011 elections.

So, how do you get elected to one of these positions? At the very least you have to be a registered Green in Monroe County. You have to be at our next Monthly Meeting, which is Monday, December 13th at 7pm. You don't have to declare your interest ahead of time, but it would help if you did. Contact Dave to let him know what you're interested in or if you have any questions. At the meeting, anyone registered Green in the county as of the State BOE's database on December 1, 2010 will be eligible to vote in this election. In the case there are more than 2 candidates are running for any office, we will use Instant Runoff Voting to determine the winner.

The meeting will take place at the Calvary St. Andrew's Church , 95 Averill Avenue at the corner of Averill and Ashland. The entrance is on Ashland and is wheelchair accessible. Please let Dave know if you need any other accommodations. The meeting is free and open to the public, so even if you're not a registered Green, please come and see how an open, transparent political party does business.

THIS is how we can take control of our government; work to get Greens elected into office. Enough complaining, enough sitting on the sidelines. It's time shake this town up!

greenpmc34 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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