Monday, November 01, 2010

Green Ideas Left off the Voter Guide

This Letter to the Editor did not get printed in the D&C:

I'm disappointed in the heavily unbalanced gubernatorial coverage provided in the 2010 Voter's Guide. Your Voter's Guide did not include the platforms of five of the seven candidates for governor, creating an illusion that there are only two options on Election Day.

The US has a rich history of systemic change derived from the platforms of "third-party" candidates. From the abolition of slavery, women's right to vote, ending child labor, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation laws, creating the Social Security Administration, pure food and drug laws, the direct election of the United States Senate, all of these changes that are essential to a free and just society came from "third-party" candidates

The Green Party's extensive platform stands out with a commitment to green jobs, a ban on Hydrofracking, marriage equality, progressive tax reform, eliminating the $16 billion Stock Transfer Tax rebate, and a carbon free economy. A vote for Howie Hawkin's "Green New Deal" is a clear investment in New York's future.

Jason Nabewaniec

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