Monday, November 29, 2010

City School Board and Mayoral Control

It seems that the best argument for Mayoral Control in Rochester is the City School Board. The report about the recent fighting in the school board reported by the Democrat and Chronicle on Thanksgiving day is a perfect example of why we might get mayoral control. On an issue as important as diversity it is a tragedy that some school board members let their ego interfere with solutions. Stories like this make is seem impossible that the schools can be improved by a board which acts in a way that might best be called childish. Unfortunately many will see this is a call for Mayoral Control when it should be seem as a argument for Democracy. While mayoral control might solve this problem so can we if we execute our power. We have the power to decide if this is how we want our elected leaders to act. Unfortunately they too often forget who they work for and we too often fail to hold them accountable and this is the problem.

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