Monday, August 23, 2010

GPNYS Petition Coordinator Thanks Everyone Who Participated

My Greens,

As you know, last week we turned in 27,500 signatures in one of the strongest Green petition applications in recent memory. That's because you stepped up and stepped out --into the hot sun, onto village squares and crowded train platforms-- and convinced thousands upon thousands of NY State registered voters to sign for a real choice on election day.

I am immensely proud of all who contributed to the drive, and you should be proud of yourselves and your Party. I am also overwhelmed by gratitude, knowing you gathered signatures while navigating commitments to jobs, family, health issues, and just trying to be a human being during a New York summer!

I am especially grateful to Greens who took on leadership roles in their communities -- distributing materials, holding trainings, planning petition events and motivating Greens to get out there, and collecting and cleaning sheets. This drive relied on your dedication, flexibility, and energy. You delivered and exceeded high expectations.

As Howie already wrote to you, earlier this week, there are many more duties to be filled so we can turn this initial victory into success on election day. A few examples:

-- Distribute literature at events, markets, rallies and in your neighborhood. Recruit volunteers!
-- Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper
-- Organize a house party or local event to raise funds for our statewide campaign

...and keep posting on Facebook and your websites to support all of the above activities! Plus, we need you to donate when you can to and to keep vital campaign infrastructure running.

Getting on the ballot is just the beginning. We need you to maintain your energy and support through the next ten weeks. Communities across this state are counting on the Green Party to move the debate and build this movement for real answers to today's crises.

With our fantastic candidates, we can show NY State that we're just getting started!

Michael ONeil
2010 GPNYS Petition Coordinator

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