Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CDR Update: Maggie Lied

We're posting this Media Release from the Center for Disability Rights as this topic was covered on our first podcast, GreenLine. It also has consequences to any grup that does business with the County of Monroe who dares to speak truth to power. Please visit to listen to the original story or read the transcript.

Bruce Darling, Chief Executive Officer, 585-546-7510,

Documents Show Brooks Administration Misrepresented Medicaid Fraud Cases
to Make Argument for Terminating CDR’s Contract

(Rochester, NY): Today, CDR released letters from the Monroe County Office of Probation and Community Corrections that clearly state that a Medicaid Fraud investigation has been completed, that the attendants involved were prosecuted and CDR was identified as “a victim” in the case. Additionally, CDR released several emails showing that CDR was cooperating with Monroe County in this case.

In an effort to bolster the argument for terminating their contract with the Center for Disability Rights, Monroe County officials stated that CDR was under investigation for Medicaid fraud. CDR denied this claim, but the organization – like law enforcement officials – could not share any specific information on open criminal cases. With the recent conviction, these cases are now officially closed and CDR is pleased to have the opportunity to set the record straight.

Both the Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) and the New York State Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud unit have been involved, and CDR has worked diligently with law enforcement to bring these cases to conviction. Furthermore, as shown in emails between CDR and the county, Monroe County was completely aware that CDR cooperated in this investigation. “Although it was painful to have governmental officials making such erroneous allegations, we wouldn’t say anything that might interfere with criminal proceedings. This is just another example of Monroe County officials lying about our organization in an effort to destroy our reputation, and I am happy that the truth of these cases is coming out,” said Bruce Darling, President/CEO of the Center for Disability Rights.

Facts about these cases:

§ These cases were brought against two attendants who submitted timesheets for periods of time when the consumer was hospitalized, thus fraudulently billing Medicaid.

§ When the fraud was verified, the employment of the attendants was immediately terminated.

§ The consumer was in Strong Memorial Hospital at the time these falsified timesheets were submitted and therefore was not subject to any neglect from the fraud.

§ The timesheets were signed by the supervisor and no notification of the hospital stays were made to CDR, so CDR staff did not have any cause to question the validity of the timesheets.

§ CDR was aware of at least one period of hospitalization and did not bill Medicaid for that time.

§ The court convicted the two attendants of Petit Larceny for Medicaid fraud and CDR was deemed a “victim” in the case.

The Center for Disability Rights, Inc. (CDR) is a non-profit service and advocacy organization devoted to the full integration, independence and civil rights of people of all ages with all types of disabilities. With services in 13 counties in New York State and offices in Rochester, Corning, Geneva, Albany, and New York City, CDR represents the concerns of thousands of people with disabilities.

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