Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rochester Kids First Coalition: Follow The Money

When you see those ads on TV showing what a "grassroots" movement the pro-Mayoral Control folks are supposed to be, take a second and follow the money.

On June 4, 2010, the Rochester Kids First Coalition received $5000 from the Committee to Re-Elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle. Hmmmm. But that's not all. On the same day (at the same meeting?), the RKFC received $20,000 from Friends of Bob Duffy. Couldn't we all use friends like that.

But that's not the best one. On June 16, 2010 the Committee for a Strong Economy gave $50,000 to RKFC. Now they have $75,000 to play with. Grassroots, indeed.

How do I know? Check it out for yourself.

What is the Committee for a Strong Economy? Well, that would be the PAC of the Rochester Business Alliance.

What conclusion can YOU draw from this?

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