Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Collecting Signatures: a Guide for the timid

Now is the time that political parties are in their busiest season. This is particularly true for independent parties, like the Green Party, for now is signature collection time. For most of you this is the worst possible thing you can imagine doing on a warm summer day. Unfortunately you are right as signature collecting is hell. Unfortunately it is a necessary hell. Fortunately there are lots of places and ways to help that are no that bad.

The easiest way to help is to collect 5. This is a simple task as you just need to get 2 friends, 2 co-workers, and a family member. The forms are on line at http://gpomc.blogspot.com/ and you can mail them to us or we would even pick them up. You never need to leave your comfort zone and if you are like me there are already a five people you talk politics with.

Only slightly more work to set up, but perhaps more pleasant, is to hold a collection Party. Invite a bunch of friends over for dinner, drinks, beer, a movie, or anything else you like doing, and ask everyone to sign the petition. It is that simple and most people will do so because they are your friend.

Another excellent way to help out is to go to a green friendly location. I would suggest the Abundance Coop at 62 Marshall Street, Rochester, NY 14607. Not only is it a great place to shop but it is full of sympathetic people who believe much of what we do. Just saying green party is often enough to get signatures and they will let you collect any time just by asking the manager and being polite. Best of all there are chairs to sit on as you wait and the place is nicely air conditioned. Besides this there are several smaller farmer's markets which are almost as nice but not air conditioned.

While it is nice to collect the above ways we really need to get the pile of signatures which we can at the Public market or local festivals. Unlike the smaller farmer's markets these are not a targeted green audience. It is loud, busy and you will meet some rude individuals, but bring some friends and keep smiling. With a good group it can be fun and you will get a lot of signatures.

Finally, if you are really adventurous you can go door to door or collect downtown. These are both difficult and tiring. They seem like an intrusion into people's lives and people do not always appreciate your effort. Unfortunately these are what we need to do. If you pick your day and houses carefully then this is not so bad and these are the best of the ways to collect.

Hopefully this will help you decide how you can help. Do not forgot that you are not going alone as there are many out their just waiting for a call to collect with you. And even if you are terrified of going out and collecting there are ways you can help so give them a try.

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