Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly GPoMC Update - June 13, 2010

Exciting new things are happening with the local Green Party!  We hope you’re ready to jump back into the fray!

We’ve started making adjustments to our website and will continue to do so.  There are new editorials, videos and ways you can interact.  If you haven’t been there or not in a while, take a peek at . 

This week there is Part 2 of Dave Atias’ response to a City Newspaper Op-Ed, a comment on Mayoral Control by Alex White and video of a press conference by Green Gubernatorial candidate, Howie Hawkins.
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Speaking of which, to get our entire slate on the ballot for November, we need to gather petition signatures.  If everyone who reads this were able to get 10 signatures we would be in tremendous shape!  Reply to this message, e-mail or call Dave if you’re willing.  Remember, getting ballot status back will make it easier to run in elections next year, including for Mayor of Rochester!

We are already making a list of community events that we plan on petitioning at.  You could join us at one of these or get signatures on your own.  Do it with a friend or bring your child.  Don’t just read about history, make history!


We want to spread the word about the Green Party in general and what a Green government in Rochester would do.  One of the ways we would like to do this is by producing a series of online videos.  If you would like to be involved with this project, on either or both sides of the camera, let us know.  If you’re just interested in a video about your specific neighborhood or town, that’s OK, too.  In fact, it’s awesome!  Give us a holler.


And while we’re on the topic of video, here are some videos of the Green candidates for statewide office:

Lt. Governor – Gloria Mattera:
Comptroller – Julia Willebrand:
US Senate – Colia Clark:
US Senate – Cecile Lawrence:


Are you already working on Progressive issues in the Monroe County area?  Poverty, bike-friendly planning, brownfield cleanup, Mayoral Control, corporate welfare.  Make your stance part of the Green Party's platform! Contact Dave by replying to this email or giving him a call to make your individual or group's work part of our platform.

Petitioning, campaigning, platform work.  There's a lot going on for us Greens.  Everyone is talking about throwing out the bums - let's replace them with some Greens!


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