Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How will Mayoral Control Help

There seems to be quite a disconnect between the theory of mayoral control and how it will improve schools. Yes we all want better schools, but how to do this is the problem. With a high free lunch rate, large non-English speaking population, many options for wealthy residents to leave the district, and lots expenses due to these Rochester's schools are going to have problems. So how will changing the ruling body of the district solve this? If it works anything like in other cities, mayoral control will privatize schools with small non-unionized charter schools, and create local schools which will hold the most needy students, creating a separate but not equal situation. Perhaps it will be better for a small number of students, but is this really enough of a fix? Trapped by poverty, with no good prospects, and no reason to believe education will make their lives better students have little hope. Devoid of hope why would students work hard and how can students succeed. After all the real problem is poverty and this has always been under mayoral control, but he has done little to fix this. Why would we expect better results for the schools?

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