Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekly Update - October 15

My Fellow Greens!

A couple of quick thank you's:

A thank you to all the candidates and non-candidates who came to the Monthly Meeting on Monday. If you're not sure whom the Green Party is endorsing just read below.

The next Monthly Meeting is Monday, November 9th. Mark it on your calendar. Details are coming.


Another Thank You to all the folks who have been supportive of the people at last week's War Protest downtown who were abused and intimidated by the Rochester Police Department. Many of those there were fellow Greens. The speakers at this week's City Council Meeting were phenomenal. You can go to our website for video of the protest and the police harassment of an SDS meeting afterward.


So, who are the local candidates who are endorsed by the Green Party of Monroe County?

*Rochester City School Board - Howard Eagle
*Rochester City School Board - Christopher Edes
*Rochester City School Board - Van White
*Rochester City Council - Harry Davis
*Monroe County Legislature (17th District) - Jo Moleca-Voigt
*Pittsford Town Council - Neil Dorfman

Did you know that there are Greens running for office all over the country? Check 'em out at


Would you like to see the REAL reasons why President Obama should not have been given the Nobel Peace Prize? Check out


Normally, we don't do concert promotions as part of the GPoMC weekly update, but in this case...well, we just will.

Our own Deborah Magone will be playing a series of Friday night shows at The Little Theater Café, Oct 16, 23 & 30, all at 8:30pm. Deb is a co-chair of the local party and not only will rock your socks off, but mixes in some great songs that fit perfectly with the Green's Ten Key Values. Check her out! You'll be glad you did!


The Green Party of Monroe County has a group on Facebook, a MySpace page and a Twitter page. And you can get to all of those from our website at Become our friend, spread the word, and help the Green Party grow in Rochester.

Know someone who needs to register to vote? Or maybe someone wants to change his/her registration to Green. We've posted information online on how you can do that. Just go to:

Please share this update with anyone you think would be interested.

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