Saturday, October 10, 2009

GPoMC Monthly Meeting This Monday

Check out this month's Green Party meeting.

Monday, October 12th at 7pm in the meeting room of the GVGA at 875 E. Main Street, 5th floor. We'll be discussing upcoming elections at local and state levels with fellow Greens. Elections to be covered include this November's, where numerous candidates have been cross-endorsed as well as upoming elections in 2010.

Scheduled to be there are City School Board Candidates Howard Eagle and Chris Edes as well as City Council Candidate Harry Davis and Greece County Legislature candidate Jo Moleca. We'll also be featuring Alex White, who intended to run for Mayor in the city, but whose petitions were invalidated by a Democratic challenge.

We will also be updating folks on the recent brou-ha-ha between war protesters and the Rochester Police Department as well as other events relating to the Green Party and the progressive values it represents:

The Green Party of Monroe County is a grassroots-based party united around key issues and values and is the only progressive electoral voice in Monroe County. Its vision for Monroe County includes a revitalized, locally based economy; ecologically smart development, economic and social justice and increased reliance on renewable energy sources.

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