Monday, October 13, 2008

Rosa Clemente at NYU

Rosa Clemente, Green Party Vice Presidential candidate talk at New York University on October 10th, 2008.

Rosa Clemente, is a community organizer, journalist and hip-hop activist. Clemente, who is from the South Bronx, New York, is a strong supporter of Puerto Rican independence and founded La Voz Boriken during her time at Cornell University.

-Community Organizing and Electoral Politics
-Women involvement in activism and electoral politics
-Rosa's political history, the Green Party, being asked to run for VP by Cynthia McKinney
-The imperative of building the Green Party
-Attracting young people to the Green Party

-Where's radical labor?
-Shared sacrifice with those who caused the economic crisis
-How her family has been effected by the subprime mortgage crisis
-Green Party strategy post Obamamania
-Green Party fighting election theft
-Defending non Greens on various issues
-Who's really progressive?

-They Globalized it, we Globalize Resistance
-Young people being politically ready
-Being brought up in a consumer culture.

-Deregulation of the Media during Clinton administration
-Media Consolidation
-Media is now propaganda for the government
-Lazy Journalism
-We must hold progressive media accountable
-Media Justice must be included with Social Justice

-Mass Civil Disobedience around the environment
-Using the Patriot act to prosecute protesters as domestic terrorists

-Which media is not really progressive
-HipHop activists co-opted
-A new way of thinking, what we believe in
-Katrina and the failure of the Democratic Party

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Craig Seeman
Patrick Dwyer
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buddy said...

Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney's running mate Rosa Clemente did a very informative interview earlier today with Kojo Nnamdi of WAMU-fm. Great interview, Rosa. You can hear it online here. It seemed a bit strange when Clemente referenced history of the Young Lords political party and compared them to the Black Panthers.