Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LTE: An alternative to blue and red‏


An alternative to blue and red

It's amazing watching the blame game for all the human-made disasters and the buck literally being passed lately. Check the voting records.

Iraq invasion equals Democrats and Republicans. Financial depression (deregulation) equals Democrats and Republicans. Tax loopholes and jobs gone overseas equal Democrats and Republicans. Massive pollution, unattainable health care for millions, wiretaps on innocent Americans and lobbyists out of control equal Republicans, and yes, Democrats.

Who let these people in to office? You, "Joe and Jane" citizen. Whether you voted or not, you helped, too. Vote responsibly this year. Check voting records at www.citizen.org/congress/voting. You will find one honorable former Democratic congresswoman with a 10-year record in the U.S. Senate who is now running for president on the Green Party ballot in November — Cynthia McKinney. A party and a candidate that take no corporate money, only support from you the people. Of course, the Electoral College actually votes for president, not we the people. The Green Party would like to change that as well.



The writer is co-chair, Monroe County Green Party.

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