Sunday, September 07, 2008

McKinney on the Ballot in Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Ohio!

According to preliminary results, Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente will be on ballots in 31 states this November (with one drive left to go!) The Green Party of Ohio won a court decision earlier this month placing the McKinney/Clemente ticket on the ballot. We have until September 12th to collect 1,000 signatures in Vermont. Click here to download the Vermont ballot access petition. This year's ballot access is a record for the Green Party of the United States in a Presidential election year.

With your help, the Ballot Access Committee raised over $10,000 to supplement our budget for this year. With the assistance of hundreds of volunteers across the country, our Presidential candidate will join our Congressional and state and local candidates on ballots in dozens of states. Many other states allow voters to write in the McKinney/Clemente ticket.

We still need contribution to cover expenses from our ballot access drives and ongoing lawsuits. Click here to make a contribution.

We are also building our ballot access team for future elections. To volunteer to collect signatures, build local petition drives, and lobby on behalf of the Green Party for fair ballot access laws, click here.

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