Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Green Party Perspective on Denver

Listen to Rosa Clemente interviewed by Kojo Nnamdi on WAMU 88.5 FM (Washington, DC, but broadcast from Denver) on Tuesday:

Rosa did an outstanding job, covering everything from the politics of the Hip Hop Generation to the Green Party to the retreat of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama on issue after issue.

Democrats aren't the only party in Denver this week. Republicans have a war-room, quick response team on-site. And the Green Party is trying to make it's presence felt outside the security perimeter around the Pepsi Center. We speak with Rosa Clemente, a hip-hop scholar, journalist, and the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate.
Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential candidate, Green Party

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Anonymous said...
Greens part two

Rosa Clemente, the hip-hop activist who is now Cynthia McKinney's vice presidential running mate on the Green Party ticket, made an acceptance speech this weekend during which she offered unequivocal praise for the Weather Underground, Mutulu Shakur (currently serving a 60-year term for his involvement in the BLA's notorious 1981 Brinks heist) and other supposed paragons of progressivism in America.

Hmm, lauding bombers and thieves, yes that seems like non-violent democratic leftism to me!