Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kent Mesplay 4 Prez!: Security through Sustainability!

Security through Sustainability!
Kent Mesplay for President!

MISSION: To improve our security and to reform politics.

Economy and Sustainability

We are entering a recession that will likely deepen into a depression, despite government efforts to prop up and stimulate key business sectors with a quick fix of taxpayer money. Economic growth and competitiveness is possible in the United States by emphasizing green business, but the growth will be slower and more measured than currently accepted cycles of boom and bust.

I propose something of a New Green Deal defined by zealous advancement in manufacture of devices and systems promoting regional sustainability throughout the United States and marketable to an international audience. Bringing back the manufacturing base of this country and focusing on methods of ensuring regional independence in the basics of water, food and energy will grow sorely needed jobs and will produce us with the means of basic physical security that we currently lack.

I keep saying "Security through Sustainability," and I really mean it! The negative aspect to this for the wealthy business interests that control our government and that dominate our way of life (such as our enforced dependence on oil) is that such talk of empowering local communities in the drive toward sustainability necessarily means less dependence upon our centralized-production way of life.

Imagine how good it would be for our buildings to not be so wasteful with energy. However, "demand reduction" is a phrase that strikes fear into the heart of any C.E.O. or C.F.O. Despite probable continued opposition by our own corporate government, the transformation toward sustainability must take place at every level of our society, and it is the right thing to do, the patriotic thing to do and the necessary thing to do in the face of unstable climate and the threat of war or other terrorist activity.

We must march toward sustainability with the resolve of a nation at war and at great risk of unimaginable loss by not affecting such meaningful change.

Kent Mesplay for President!

More Debate, Less Rhetoric. Kent Mesplay for President!

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